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On March 1 at 2:30pm, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara was arrested outside his house in Havana. He was prohibited from joining a “kiss-in” that had been convened by members of the LGTBIQ community to protest the censorship of a film broadcast by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television. During the arrest Otero Alcantara’s girlfriend Claudia Genlui was attacked by a policewoman while she attempted to document the actions of Cuban law enforcement. She was hit, thrown to the ground and left on the public road. Her cell phone was confiscated, and she did not receive any receipt to document to show that phone is now in police possession. We view this as an act of theft by state security and the national police.

On Monday we met at the national headquarters of the National Revolutionary Police to request information about Otero Alcantara’s status. The police response was given by a Major with ID number 10836. She confirmed that Otero Alcántara is in the detainee processing center, known as " Vivac" and has been charged with property damage. We were told that Otero Alcantara will be subjected to an "abbreviated summary judgment" that will take place within the next ten days.We note that the use of unnecessary repressive force and physical abuse of helpless citizens and the course of policing procedures should be regarded as forms state terrorism.Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara is now in jail prior to conviction. He had already been accused by Cuban authorities of contempt toward state leadership and desecration of national symbols. Apparently, those charges do not carry enough weight, and therefore the state has fabricated a criminal charge against him.The San Isidro Movement has already begun a campaign to free Luis Manuel and uphold the civil rights of all Cuban. We will be in the streets and in the courts, and we will be raising our voices against injustice.We call on artists and intellectuals of the world to speak out against the injustice being perpetrated by the Cuban government and to send messages of support.The moment has come!

Free Luis Manuel!The San Isidro Movement


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